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video clip0:00:29  The Lone Gunmen - 911 before 911

video clip0:02:58  Operation Northwoods

video clip1:24:23  911 Press for Truth

video clip1:30:41  911 Mysteries

video clip1:42:16  Fabled Enemies

video clip0:56:56   7/7 Ripple Effect

video clip2:14:25  TerrorStorm

video clip0:59:41   September 11 Revisited

video clip2:09:54   Loose Change Final Cut

video clip1:59:38   9/11 Blueprint for Truth

video clip1:26:44  911: Ripple Effect

video clip1:44:54  ZERO: Investigation Into 911

video clip2:09:54  911 The Road to Tyranny

video clip0:27:47  Mohamad Atta and the Venice Flying Circus

video clip2:07:22   America: Destroyed By Design

video clip0:10:58   LET ME KNOW WHEN YOU SEE FIRE - the Flaming Inferno is Mind Control

video clip0:10:40  Rockefeller Reveals 9/11 FRAUD to Aaron Russo

video clip0:27:44  9/11 Firefighter Interview "Collapsed to Dust"

video clip0:00:35  9/11: Molten Metal at Ground Zero

video clip0:00:35  Molten Metal WTC

video clip0:01:44  WTC2 South Tower on 9/11 Molten Metal North-East Corner

video clip0:00:10  WTC 7 Collapse

video clip0:00:18  9/11 - Listen to the Demolition Wave that Caused the Collaspse of the WTC South Tower

video clip0:01:51  Firemen Explosion Testimony

video clip0:08:11  Geraldo Rivera Changes Mind on AE911Truth and BuildingWhat

video clip0:00:31  BuildingWhat.org

video clip0:06:44  Jeff Becker Questions WTC 7 in US Senate Debate

video clip0:43:16  Scott Forbes 9/11 Power Down

video clip0:07:01  WTC Employee Discusses Pre 9/11 Power Downs

video clip0:01:52  Barry Jennings - 9/11 Early Afternoon ABC7 Interview

video clip0:07:29  World Exclusive: WTC7 Survivor Barry Jennings Account

video clip0:43:16  Death of 911 Key Witness Barry Jennings: New Info Points To Foul Play

video clip1:09:23  Interview with Aaron Russo


video clipFull Episode  The Lone Gunmen - "Pilot"

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Common sense and logic are the only resources you need to decide that 911 was an inside job. All you need to know is that three skyscrapers in NYC came down at the acceleration of gravity, defying the laws of physics and conservation of momentum. One of them was not even hit. It is impossible for floor after floor to crash through the one below it without slowing the speed of the collapse. According to physics, the collapses should have taken minutes not seconds. That could only happen if there was a force working ahead of the collapse to cut the mass out of the way. The logical conclusion is explosives and an inside job. You donít need an expert to help you figure that out.

The Twin Towers were 110 stories tall. They came down in ten seconds each. That is eleven floors per second. Try to clap your hands eleven times in one second. It is physically impossible to have a gravitational collapse at that speed. The speed of the collapse is key. Imagine an eleven story building disintegrating into a cloud of dust in one tick of a clock. It cannot happen unless it is blown up. Explosives were used.

The speed of a gravitational free fall is 32.2 ft/s per second. Eleven stories would have been approximately 130 ft. But that is talking about an object falling through only air resistance. If we are talking about the pancake conspiracy theory (lie), we are talking about the crushing of tons of concrete, steel, other building materials, office furnishings, and machinery; all pulverized to dust in one second. That is more than twice as fast as free fall. The buildings were blown up in a cascading, floor by floor from the top down demolition; like lighting a pack of firecrackers.

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