Are You Chosen

The gospel is the whole truth of God. As the Spirit of God changes the way you see, you will begin to reject the fables and accept the truth. You will repent of your old way of thinking and replace it with the good news that the Lord Jesus, the Christ, brought of salvation and the coming of the kingdom of God.

Eternal life is not a given; it is a gift. You may have this gift: if you will believe the gospel, if you will overcome, and if you will endure to the end. The pursuit of wisdom and understanding is ongoing. Continue your search for the truth. There is much to be learned.

Father, thank You for Your " Word ". Forgive me, Lord and take away my pride. My way is worthless; show me Your way, Lord Jesus, give me Your Spirit to guide me, increase my faith and teach me to love. Teach me to live for You while I wait for Your return. Open my eyes to the truth and give me the strength of character to live the truth I already know. Make me know that all things come from You. There is no satisfaction in life without You. I serve and wait for Your Kingdom. Thank You, Lord for all your blessings.

Amen ( Let it be )